Cigars: Processing Tobacco

Why Process Tobacco?

After being harvested and cured, tobacco isn't fully stabilized and can not be maintained long. It must next be fermented. Fermentation is a intricate procedure, but to make a long story short, one can say it is a transformation of the chemical elements by oxydation.

Fermentation and Aging

The process is rather profound and quite fast. When well fermented, a cigarette can be stored for a long time without harm.

Aging is a gradual all-natural development, during that time the tobacco is going to improve its characteristics and to lose its"green" taste. Once mixed in a cigar, then the tobacco warrants a new period of aging in order to accomplish a fantastic balance between the blend components.

Why Ferment Tobacco?

Beyond storage and insertion capacity, fermentation leaves the tobacco shed its green and raw flavor that nobody could really like.

Who can ferment tobacco?

It is easy to develop a couple of tobacco plants in your garden if you like gardening. But if Cohiba Cigars Online would like to process it for smoking, then you'll have to ferment it. If not, you'll have some trouble using the taste. Our recommandation would be to grow petunias (cosmetic tobacco crops, with a lot of colorful blossoms) and also to get cigars to enjoy your smoke!

How to Ferment Tobacco?

To process a natural fermentation, tobacco is piled up. The weight and also the natural moisture content allow the fermentation to start in the center of the pile. The fever goes up. When the concentrated temperature is attained, the pile is broken and rebuilt, the outside tobacco moving indoors and vice versa. And that as many times as is necessary, until the entire heap is properly fermented. Some heavy tobaccos can need around six turnings. It takes weeks to ferment them properly.

Fermentation and Rotting

Do not be afraid when reading that smoking is fermented! Tobacco isn't likely to be rotten! Just stabilized and smokeable without giving you nausea. Fermentation considerably boosts the original flavor.

Fermentation and Quality

Each cigarette has its fermentation procedure. The principal things which specify the procedure are the feel of the substance, and the usage of this tobacco afterwards. Mild wrappers and full bodied fillers are not fermented the exact same way.

Fermentation and Temperature

Humid tobacco leaves place in a heap are going to start fermenting, giving heat out. If the temperature goes too high, the tobacco will be cooked and also deteriorate. Each type has its own optimal temperature. When it is reached, the heap has to be started to stop the heating process and a fresh pile is built with cooled down tobacco. The outside tobaccos go indoors and vice-versa. For example, a dark air cured tobacco takes a temperature up to approximately 130ºF. And disaster can start at 140ºF.

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