Blue Diamond or Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Perhaps you have fantasised about a beautiful blue engagement ring? While many individuals naturally assume sapphire engagement rings are the only option when looking for such a ring, such a vibrant hue is also attainable in diamonds.

While sapphire engagement rings are famed for their stunning deep blue hue, blue diamonds are considered among the most rare and most valuable gemstones in the world. While all natural fancy color diamonds are rare, blue diamonds are all extremely so, with most jewellers never having one. Naturally, this means that they are also quite expensive, especially as gloomy is considered one of the least common and most desirable colours. The Hope diamond, that will be in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington D.C. is the most famous blue stone on the planet and the biggest at 45.52-carats.

It is both simple and difficult to differentiate between blue sapphire engagement rings and blue diamond engagement rings however the significant discerning factor is the price. Other differences include the properties of the various stones; blue diamonds are very similar to the classic colourless diamonds, in that they also score a perfect 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and they also have unrivalled fire and brilliance. The difference between a blue diamond along with a colourless diamond is that the existence of boron, which is exactly what creates the beautiful blue color. In the same way, although they're also hard and durable stones, they cannot expect to compete with diamonds around the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

It looks like the price is the principle factor in regards to deciding between both of these stones, and if you are on a budget, a blue sapphire is certainly the next best thing, using its own natural flash and fire characteristics. Although, when loose blue sapphires comes to the value of diamonds and sapphires, the two are more desirable the deeper and richer the blue color. This does, of course render them more expensive.

Diamonds and sapphires aren't the only choices out there for a blue gemstone engagement ring. Blue topaz gemstones come in a design that is considerably brighter than normal blue diamonds, in addition to being much less expensive. In the same way, blue aquamarine gemstones exhibit a stunning show of marine blue and are both economical and extremely durable. Although such jewels tend to have lower fire and flash qualities, the two are valued for their natural beauty and lustre.

Clearly, blue colored stones will always be cherished because of their lovely and enigmatic colouring, and if you prefer blue diamonds to blue sapphire engagement rings, you may be certain that both will stand out as a magnificent and gorgeous piece of jewelry.

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